Elia Bisi

Welcome to my personal academic webpage!

I am a fixed-term Assistant Professor (Universitätsassistent) at the Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien), Institute of Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics, in the Research Unit Mathematical Stochastics headed by Prof. Fabio Toninelli. I am also a member of the Probability in Vienna network.

Previously, I was a Research Scientist at University College Dublin, School of Mathematics and Statistics, working in the group of Prof. Neil O’Connell within the ERC project Integrable Random Structures. I hold a PhD in Statistics from the University of Warwick, where I wrote my thesis under the supervision of Prof. Nikos Zygouras.

My current research interests lie in probability theory, its applications to statistical physics, and its connections with algebraic combinatorics, random matrices and representation theory.

In the past, during and after an internship at STMicroelectronics, I also worked in applied cryptography.