My interests outside academia include:

  • Acting. I have acted in twelve plays and joined young and amateur theatre festivals. I am a member of the theatre company Ronzinante, Merate (Italy). Our last production I was involved in is Tre giorni a Beslan (video here), which deals with the Beslan school massacre.
  • Politics. I have always been sympathetic to certain political issues, for example: freedom of scientific research, civil and human rights, fight against corruption, laicism, economic freedom, Europeanism. I joined various political movements and participated in some Italian local elections and awareness campaigns.
  • Outdoor activities. I love cycling, hiking and swimming in unspoiled natural settings.
  • Cooking. This is my oldest hobby: as a kid I loved to play with kitchen utensils instead of toy cars! I am particularly (but not only) keen on creative, vegetarian and healthy cuisine.


    A scene from the play “Tre giorni a Beslan”